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About Us

Vitthal Nakade came to the city of Dream. We all dream and his dream and love of real estate is the fuel which drove him.Over several years of struggle and establishing himself he finally made a name for himself in this real estate market of Mumbai. Today his struggles had made him realise we are not alone in our community everyone irrespective of the caste, age or religion everyone requires an equal opportunity. So his current goal is to inspire his community and raise them to be the next inspirational leaders.

"Gift and education, Change a life"

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"No one should face a Hungry Day"

Our Activity

Being Kind is what sets us apart as individuals. Mr. Vitthal Nakade believes in spreading this kindness by helping orphans in need so that they believe in holding the torch for a bright future. One of his contributions include that they never go hungry by ensuring the food supply is taken care by him for a year.

Education is our basic right. It’s time to empower our community with education.
Our future lies in the hands of our children. Let me be the helping hand which will brighten their future.

Our Team Members

Mr. Mukesh Dhopavkar

Mr. Siddharth Kadam

Mr. Haresh Rane

Mr. Rohit Kambli

Mr. Amol Parab

Mr. Bhushan Nevalkar

Our Mauli Family









Smruti Chawan

I have personally observed the efforts and activities carried out by the organisation it has helped in enhancing the positive growth of the members of the community

Abhishek D’Souza

The work carried out by the organisation in helping the underprivileged children who do not have the basic access to education they help in providing them necessary resources so that they do not miss out on the basic right of being educated which is highly commendable. This drive will ensure that these underprivileged children will have a bright future ahead.

S R Chawan

Thier initiatives towards encouraging the youth by organising various sporting events will only help in shaping our bright young minds